June 19, 2024

No one wants to think of death, but if you don’t plan for the future, you will have little control over how your assets are used after your death. An estate plan allows you to have documents that will take care of possible circumstances. While DIY services are available online, you need to meet an Estate & Trust lawyer to get solutions specific to your needs. The first consultation session is the most relevant one, and here’s what you can expect –

  1. Answering questions: Yes, you are expected to answer questions when you visit the lawyer’s office. What are your immediate and long-term goals? Do you want to disinherit someone from your estate plan? Are you trying to regain control over an existing trust? There are several things that may crop up as you discuss your financial situation.
  2. Discussing legal options: An estate lawyer will listen to details and recommend the legal documents you can consider to address the goals. They will explain wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other options that are relevant and important.
  3. Conversations about dos and don’ts: Your lawyer is also expected to share details of the common mistakes people make while planning an estate. They will also share the best ways to avoid disputes and may look for legal ways to achieve specific objectives, especially if your estate situation is complex.
  4. Talking about their role: Once they are done explaining basic things, the estate lawyer will talk about their role. They can talk about ways in which they would be involved, how you can change your estate plan, and when to contact them.
  5. Discussing things about minor children and pets: People are attached to their pets, and they often include them in the estate plan. For minor children, you have to make provisions for contingencies and ensure that you assign a guardian. The lawyer will discuss these details.

Final word

You need to go prepared to meet an estate attorney. If you come with all financial documents and relevant information concerning your wealth, they will be better positioned to answer your questions. They will also ask for other details, including family life, and it always helps if you are honest with them from day one. If you already have a plan in place, they can also help update and alter it. You can also check with a lawyer to get a review of the existing documents to find possible errors.